Monday, November 19, 2007

What Type Of Bloggery Is This?

**You can get your photo-op too**
***You can be FAMOUS***

The Hundreds
7909 Rosewood AVE, Los Angeles, CA 90048



Anwar. said...

you "dislike or hate" them too... ha

NawSon said...

what smells worse? Ths shit sticks on anwars head or the pussy between his legs??

Anwar. said...

I think it's the pussy between yours... Im showing face sonn... who the fuck are YOU!? Niggas need to stop catching feelings on blogs sonn, and go type a fuccin essay!

nawson said...

yo son, do me a favor...go practice that cute soulja boy dance u like to do, keep beastin u sheep, dont cry.. dry your eyes, n drink some cranberry juice at thanksgiving so you can super soak that period of yours

Anwar. said...

hmmm? will do! good day

and stay up

happy holidays!

alovelessday is a nice blog! =)

mo said...

none of these are me fyi