Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Art Of Storytellin' Pt. 5

Her silhouette graced the window,
pain now not visible,
take dames quite literal,

fuck it,
do me,
sing figero,
at the top of your lungs,
you won't need those props just to come,
she said she likes me cause I'm sweet,
not jaded like the rest of em,
I said babe,
but you're faded like the rest of 'em,
and crazy as the best of 'em,
she laughed,
and I applauded her honesty,
she calmly,
proceeded to go to town,
like she was movin' out the country side,
I sighed,
inside these walls,
all pride has been annulled,
I like what you stand for,
but love you on all fours,
just leave the bourbon on the shelf when you go,
quick as you came and shut the door,
next time I'll think twice or maybe even more,
it aint me babe soon you'll "A B" see,
stuck on her X like she can't remember "Y Z"


Anonymous said...

*waits for talentless haters to come do their hater job and hate on these rhymes*


Lester said...

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