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Rainbow ALexander, my very close friend (( also known as Mrs. P-Rod)) has continued to develop her clothing line -Transparent systems ...yesturday was her photoshoot for the clothing lines ad & a few pieces for this season.

[Actuals-coming soon]

-S. Loveless

Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Your gigantic collection must have taken a chunk of your time, how many years did it take you to amass such monster of a pile? Was it hard keeping them in order and in good condition?
I been buying and storing shoes since the early 90s and stopped in 2004. I never really was concerned with having them in any order because I never displayed them or showed them to anyone. Keeping them in good condition is luck of the draw. Sometimes they stay decent other times they turn. Shoes aren’t made to be stored and saved over the years. The material quality isn’t very conducive to keeping them DS.
Ever been victimized by the pulverizing deadstock midsole? Which models?
Anything from the early to mid 90s will crumble that has that cheap polyblend midsole. I put on a Flight 89 from 89 and it turned to dust. It happens. Nothing you can do about it. But after that flight 89 I knew better than to try and wear em.
Why did you start this in the first place?
I started buying and collecting shoes because I love shoes. It started with the Converse Weapon program and my first real interest in Nike came with the Revolution advertising campaign in 87 which used the beatles song "revolution". That’s when the Air Revolution came out and its still one of my all time nike shoes to this day. You can youtube the commercial. That’s where it really began.

How do you feel about the present sneaker scene?
The present sneaker scene can be described as exactly what you asked, "a scene". That’s what its become. A show. A contest. A joke. People buying solely based on how many were made, where its sold, how much they can resell them for, who on some lame fucking message board says they are cool. Youhave people posing with sneakers, making youtube videos, titling themselves some bullshit sneaker king label. Its all just too much. Bells and whistles for the sheep who are led by people pimping and pandering something that was once simple and pure. These people are a joke to me. I say all these shoe geeks that meet at these fucking shoe shows should go butt ass naked to see who really has the biggest cock. Because these motherfuckers think just because they have some "limited shoe" that they are the cock of the walk. I have no idea how it came to this but its just disgusting. Sneaker contests…get the fuck out of here. Why is your limited edition laser, hyper, noahs arc print, hybrid pile of shit better than a GR purchased at the mall? Because these fucking idiots who somehow have managed to suck enough dick to have a voice in the shoe world say so. And they say so because they just want to be mentioned on a message board, or featured in some lame shoe stroke mag, or get a free show from the shoe company. There is nothing about the individual in todays "scene". No passion, no heart. Just consumerism through advertising and blind purchases. Sneaker geeks today just hear a shoe is limited and has a nike logo on it and they’ll sleep on the fucking street for it. Then they all get robbed because they are easy licks. Have you ever seen pics of a sneaker line up? Its like taking candy from a baby who has no arms. These so called "sneaker aficionados" all dressed the same from head to toe. All supposed to be trend setters and individuals and every last one of them look like a cookie cutter of some homosexual shoe doll. No one wants to hear what I say because the truth cuts deep sometimes. People don’t want to admit their dirty little secret. People say one thing but every purchase they make indicates the opposite. To each their own on what you buy but atleast be fucking honest about what you buy and why you buy it. Case in point. The Air Yeezy. That shoe is a fucking travesty. Its ugly as shit. The shoe has nothing appealing about it except that its associated with everyones favorite fashion guide Kanye. And the advertising and hype on it was a beautiful thing. People who spit on that shoe would be chasing it and lining up for it when it released. Sheep are very easy to herd. If that shoe came out at your local Ma and Pop shpot or at a mall store and had a price tag of $115 let alone $215 that shit would be on the sale racks in 2 weeks. It’s a perfect example of the sneaker scene. Total hype. Everyone buying and wanting just because its limited. But how limited is it? There was allegedly a few thousand made right? Why are there 10,000 fucking pairs on ebay and the message boards, and consignment sites? Nothing is limited. What truly becomes limited is the shit no one wanted to begin with because they were too busy chasing hype and following trends. Then they want to settle down and be normal and stop buying the bullshit and they have to pay top dollar for a shoe that was clearanced out at a mall store for $19.99.
Heres something else about the sneaker "scene" that is bullshit. I have about 2000-3000 pairs. I never counted them or cared enough to organize them so I cant be sure. Yet, some people think I have more knowledge than someone else. Or they think im a better sneaker geek. I am no better than a guy with 1 pair. Collections are based on $$$. If you have $$$ you can have any collection you want. You wanna be the Jordan King? Spend your $$$. You wanna be the Air Force King? Spend your money. Simple as that. And whats sad is so many of these people with huge limited collections don’t know shit about shoes or the history or other brands beyond nike. Its all so empty and shallow. These "shoe gods" with their perfect limited collections make me laugh. They are no better than you or I. They don’t know more than you or I. Except for some reason they think they do. They want you to feel like they do. Take away their money and they don’t have shit and don’t know shit and they would be irrelevant. Knowledge, passion, and heart have no price. No line-ups, no campouts, no ebay bids,…none of that bullshit. You have to appreciate things. Respect what things were, and realize the world of shoes doesn’t fucking revolve around you. You weren’t the first and you’re not the last. You like limited shoes and hype. We all do. I do, but I admit it. I also don’t turn my nose up at general shoes. Its all the same to me. If you truly love shoes then you like it all. You can find some beauty in every fucking style out there. Even that pile of shit Yeezy. I like the sole because its straight from the Air Flight 90. Its beautiful. That aspect is great.

How do you pick the one’s to buy? Did you ever think of wearing all of them in rotation?
I bought what I liked. I liked a lot of shoes. My rule was I want it all. I wanted every Air Burst that came out. The Shady Burst is no better than the GR version that came out 4 years before. Actually the GR version is better because the shape and lines and colors pop better than the Shady version. But point is I would buy every color of the styles I liked. Now 98% of those colorways I would know I would never wear buy I respected the style so much I wanted to buy it regardless.
Why did you buy models in different sizes? Did you ever plan on selling them in the future?
I bought different sizes because I got phenomenal prices on shoes. So why buy 1 in my size when I can by 3 or 4 for the price of 1. Plus I would hook up friends with my pricing because it would make me happy to be able to get my friends shoes at incredible prices. I never planned on selling the shoes. I just kept buying and buying with no intentions whatsoever. Maybe do some trades down the line.
When did you stop adding to you collection?
I stopped buying in early 2004. Things changed in my life. I haven’t bought a shoe since.
Why? Was it because of the new trend of release? Tell us.
I don’t really want to get into it but I will say I was in a place where I had no access to new releases, internet, and all the bullshit that surrounds shoes. So it was easy to get over it. I just keep my memories. That’s good enough for me.
I don’t even want to get started on the new trend of release. Or from what I recall the shit that started around 2002-2003. Just saturating the market with gimmicks and pre-packaged hype. So even if I still was buying shoes I would not be able to buy how I once did. Its impossible to get every AM 95 release when there’s 31 in a 30 day month. Used to be 4 a year in a good year. Times changed. The flood gates opened. The program was to retro everything, then retro it again then retro it one more time. Stop all innovation and technology and creativity through design and just keep pumping out the same shit.

What can you say about the continuous attack of the hybrids?
Hybrids are simply the bastardization of two classic shoes. They are poorly executed and nothing new. The sneaker painters/customizers were doing that shit years ago. It’s a joke. Its just an excuse to make people believe they are getting something different and cool. Prepacked with bells and whistles. Today nothing is good enough. It cant just be a simple shoe in a simple color way. All these mother fuckers say that’s what they want but buy the opposite. Fuck them when they complain or try and state otherwise.
Anything else?
This interview is pretty long but I figure if I curse enough it wont ever get used plus im on a roll so I’ll continue it. Its not like I want to go and take pics for my stupid fucking blog or answer shoe emails.

What do you miss about old days?
I miss being excited for shoes. I miss being anonymous. I miss being able to buy shoes and just crack the box, get a wiff of that DS smell, and just look at them for what they are. A simple shoe. That I could enjoy for my own reasons.
Do you still buy the new stuff? What brands are you into now? Why/why not?
I don’t buy anything. Havent bought since 2004. Im into any brand that sends me free shit. All the brands have lost integrity through production and general direction. But the consumer dictates the direction of the companies. So don’t blame the brands when you have a consumer base purchasing solely based on hype and limited #s and product placement through select cookie cutter boutiques.

Are you still looking for your holy grail or you’ve already got them? What is it?
My holy grail is the Air Python. Its ugly as shit. I would never wear it but I remember walking into footlocker in maybe 87 or 88 and seeing that ugly motherfucker on the wall and just being in love with it. Never found one in my size or any size that was in good condition.

Do the sales of your collection meet with your expectation?
What will happen to those kicks that will not be sold?
The sales have far exceeded my expectations. The site traffic continues to go up. Its all word of mouth.
Everything will sell. It just matters at what price.
Can you give a message/advise to the newest wave of sneaker heads in the Philippines?
I want to thank each and everyone of you for having a passion for sneakers. Just be honest with yourself. If you want to only buy shoes based on hype then buy them and enjoy them. I have no problem with what people buy but more so when they pretend what their intentions are. Buy what you like. Every shoe you buy is "heat". Remember that! Dont let some stupid motherfucker tell you otherwise. A collection of 1 holds just as much heat as a collection of 1 million. Why? Because you bought it. With your own best thinking and personal preferences.

Why the name corgishoe?
I love corgis. They are whats important to me. Back when the internet shoe stuff was happeing everyone needed a name. Usually people try and be a killer or something crazy. On a side note I wish they mandated that all the people on message boards could not participate unless they profiled a genuine full body photo of themselves just so everyone could see what a fucking nerd they really are. But back to the question. SO everyone has a stupid fucking name. I like corgis. I like shoes. So me being the genius I am came up with corgishoe!

So you love dogs… will you be doing anything in relation with dogs anytime soon?
I wish I could just have my own dog rescue. Be away from it all except for dogs. People and shoes I can do without. Dogs, not so much


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Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.
1 Timothy 6:17-19


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I'm Ashamed To Say So

...but THIS song is dope. 

--Cool Hand Mo