Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'll Hang My Boots To Rest When I'm Impressed

Slacker bounded imitated tabloid headlined with the postShimmy cross the centerfold, and a dead time in ghosts

Giving crumbs for the better souls with seven deadly sins To hear the plane to crystal conscious To results a low life counting on one hand what he's accomplished Ok, lift me to activism chain activate street sweepPlug in deteriorating zenith pen draggingI hack swords wars for the morbid spreading of mad men Now he's got soul Sitting there licking log cabin in Charlie Chaplin waddle I could zig zag and zig 'em again for the bad dreams Sparking my brick wall windows another thicket stormAnd if one night in Gotham without the wretched Houston we have a problem Dispatch a task of infested patch of city goblins Who split how many freaks with box cuts of a high road bellow Heads ripped! Watch red bricks turn yellowSort of similar to most backbones at camp IcarusRaw feelings start congregating at pamper for bickering Life's not a bitch life is a beautiful woman You only call her a bitch because she won't let you get that pussy Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests Or maybe you're just an asshole who couldn't sweet talk the princess Kiss the speaker wire or either pass it for some pagan thresh hold Stomach full of halo kibblesWings span cast black of porn visuals hear the duck hunt ticker tapeVision and pick apart the pixels I got a friend of polar nature and it's all peaceWhen I seek similar stars but can't sit at the same feast Metal Captain! This cat is asking if I've seen his little lost passionI told him: 'Yeah, but only when I pedaled past him'

--Joshy Marbles

Friday, October 26, 2007

Next Saturday...

Nas' Greatest Hits Album Release Party, hosted by the company I work for, ElevatedLA...check out our site at and RSVP for the event here!

Some pix from our past events:

His birthday party in September...

And Kim K's b-day at Le Deux last weekend...

That last one's for you Mo lol


American Gangster

--Cool Hand Mo

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A&R Marbles

Found this cat a while ago, pretty dope..Name is MECH

The Revolution

46 and Church...this song reminds me of some Lost Boys shit

--Joshy Marbles

Pray For Me

--Joshy Marbles

So, Instead Of A New N.E.R.D. Album We Get This?

...dude is dope though, I like this.

--Cool Hand Mo

Joshy, Momo, Nene Bell..remember this craze? whatever happened to baby jane?? hahaha..


He's no longer missing

*New* Cam-Glitter
"Let's get this money Mo!"

--Joshy Mar

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Basically, all you other chicks try to hard.

--Joshy "Big Brohammerpants" Marbles Loveless

Santiago, Dominica Republic

--Joshy Marbles A.K.A Rico

Kim K Playboy.

--Cool Hand Mo

coulda been a crack head..

--$. Loveless

"I Hate Gossip..." sentiments zactly.

--Cool Hand Mo


--Cool Hand Mo

Dali...I'm There

--Cool Hand Mo

Well Now Internet Guy...

Probably should try and talk to me before you decide to get all bittery...
I mean, let's consider your current source of info here, really.
None of us thought you were anything but a streetwear guy until you air dried yourself.
You can pick up the phone and let her know that, sir.

Yaayy to blog messages!!

--Morgan Day

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free T.I!!!


Holograms Exist...Prayer #27,659 Answered

Remember that scene in Vanilla Sky when Tom Cruise's character has the hologram of either Charlie Parker or Coltrane (can't remember which) in his house?

--Cool Hand Mo

Revolutionary Warfare

American Gangster Snippets

Sounds niice.
--Cool Hand Mo

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Graduation Remixes


--Cool Hand Mo

Paul Newman.

He whom I aspire to be.
--Cool Hand Mo

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Surviving The Times (LIVE)

This dude doesn't know the words...dope nonetheless.

--Mo Ether

Rainy Day Party People #12 & 35

Digit cut her hair!!

Diz, in cahoots.

I see you.


Over to Teddy's to catch the tail end...

--Cool Hand Mo

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So you can go ^^^here^^^ for the new Radiohead album and do all this craze signing up and whatnot...or click below.
Choose....wisely, the penitent man shall pass.

In Rainbows

--Cool Hand Mo

10 Candidates for the New Biggie Film...haaha

^^^My Choice^^^

NY Times Slideshow...too funny.

--Cool Hand Mo

New Hovie

Hip Hop

--Cool Hand Mo

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--Cool Hand Mo