Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Mike



Anonymous said...

OMG that is the greatest video evs! mo what the heck is around your waist??....and why didnt you grab the mic from the lil kid haahahahahahahha
"MAMA TURN IT UP A LIL BIT" this is classic MOMO & NENEBELL right here.

Anonymous said...

Tight! Classic ish....I agree wit shoulda took the mic from Tito were the real star lol....I see you wit the young mullet too....shits craze lmao

Shaun said...

yo! your father and i just watched this classic video!!!! Mad funny

Anonymous said...

Mo how have you not aged? You look exactly the same!

Anonymous said...

prob because he still drinks the same formula.

Anonymous said...

"prob because he drinks the same formula" stoooooooooooops lol.

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