Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey Morgan,

What in the bloody hell?! lmfao @ the 3:26 mark.(Mo and Linds)

I'm so ashamed to admit that I am in this corny ass video somewhere as well. Not sure what exactly it was that I was thinking besides trying to get close to Marvin Gaye's daughters boobies, they are quite plump. That corny dude singin was next her the entire time. "Sugar pie, honey doo, I love you" psssh. Way to put the pen to the pad .smh.Only thing positive about this experience was gettin to meet one of my idols who made a cameo appearence. Click.

If anyone has or can find a link to this song(which I highly doubt) it would be greatly appreciated. I need to be listening to this while I'm in the voting booth on tuesday.Track #15. Deliberation


kalle said...

Check your address for an .mp3 of Deliberation. One!

Anonymous said... it again....puhleeease!!!

--Joshy Marbles

kalle said...

done! let me know if you got it.

Colin said...

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