Thursday, November 13, 2008

See thee more clearly.

" His fist smashed into her stomach, causing such agony that she gave a retching scream, and dropped her hands. Fists which seemed to be weighted with lead smacked in her face, against her nose, her jaw, her eyes. She staggered back helplessly, striking out weakly, once trying to kick. She came up against a table. It crashed beneath her, and she fell backward. She banged her head against the wall.
She was grasping for breath, terrified in case she was hit again, but all was still.
There was red in front of her eyes. Red. Blood. She licked her lips, and knew the taste of blood. She saw the tables, the chairs, the windows, the gay posters, and his feet. She dashed her hands across her eyes, glanced down and saw blood on the back of her hand, but at least for the moment she could see more clearly"



Anonymous said...

is this about the Celtics? ;(


Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaahaaaa, you suck dude, fuck Lakes.