Sunday, November 30, 2008

First It Was M.I.A.

Now it's Santogold...I expect to hear her on every hip hop station now that Jay & Ye have co-signed.

...and WTF is up with this guy's flow?  Never thought the day would come when Jay would be this corny. SMH.

--Cool Hand Mo


shaun day said...

Yo your crazy that flow is sick!!

J3FF said...

I don't bump any Jay pass 98'

samantha said...

the santogold reprise is quite excessive, quite
&& as for jay yes, strictly reasonable doubt

Fredubeez said...

Mo stop whinin about the smoooth Jay flow!! hahaha History was a mistake but other than that give him the love. watch you'll love that song ina week. lmao

yr momz said...

the video for this song is even more sickening