Thursday, July 10, 2008

Young Money

J-Rog KILLED Europe! Got 4th @ Copehagen Pro+ took it to Progue and MURDERED IT snatched 1st...thats what im talkin' about baby!

S. Loveless


Anonymous said...

S.Loveless get off J-Rog's dick already...everyone knows your just using him for his fame. Ever since you moved here, you been giving it up, trying to catch a break.....I guess you finally caught it, right??

Anonymous said...

Why you're in Fresno, talking about what anyone is doing somewhere else is beyond me. You do realize that just because you're a puss and click the "anonymous" button after you jot your lifes work in a comment, doesn't mean you're actually anonymous, guy...(st)oops!


--Mo Day

Anonymous said...

PFF I just read that. Yea, you def know me always trying to catch a break! : )
I Love my Fresno Fanbase...never forget where you came from right ; ) & def never forget where you still are-S. Loveless