Friday, July 25, 2008

Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again.

So, I'm in the great state of Alabama for our family, humid, desolate, green, red, white, Starbuckless, country, boredom, bugs, hicks...use your imagination for the rest. Yet, I'm not complaining, no no, it's nice to get away from star paved sidewalks below and ad-filled billboards above. Not saying I'd like to have a summer home here, simply saying that boredom is underrated in my humble should cherish it, embrace a departure from the norm.
So, my friends, here's just that...

King of corniness himself, smh Sir.

Heath's Joker getup.

Top right, son.

#1 Marriott in North America, The Shoals.

90 years old?
90 years old.

Good 'Ol slave checklist...
"Nagger, 'here boss'...Nagger two, 'here boss'..."

--Cool Hand Mo


tuesdai noelle said...

The musuem looks crazy fun and educational...I'm lovin the's ART at it's BEST :) *smiling* @ the Joker jacket as you put it. Dark Knight was a very action pack, detailed and movie with pure excitment :) Though, it was LONG lol.

Jade said...

If you think Alabama is boring you should go to my home state of Mississippi. You'll love the red dirt roads that stain fresh kicks for a lifetime. ^_^

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