Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We're playing outside and he has this bright tie a rope from his bike to my skateboard and let him pull me...sure! why not? So thats exactly what we do...we have a 10 yr old on a bike pulling a 7 yr old on a honestly, I think this may have even worked IF he didnt decided to jump the curb and send me flying into the street straight to the pavement to give away all the skin on my knee ( really though, check my knee out the next time you catch me)
OH, and then theres the time when were in the tree...and he tells me that the little white stuff that comes out of the stem of the leaves is milk and I being no older then 5 (okay I guess i still should've known better) drink it and get super but the best was the time that he told me that we could eat as many of our vitamins as we want and I eat the entire costco size bottle and have to go to the hospital and drink charcoal and get my stomach pumped! but, hey thats the life you gotta live when your convinced that your going to be the baby then a little sister comes along stealing the shine....
When he finally got past the fact that killing me off wasnt going to be easy, he became my best friend
from being my support system in a new city...holding me and calming me down when im in my a place to live when I needed one...buying me every pair of Js when I was in highschool and kicking my ass everyday until I learned how to kick ass...Bro your the best and I wouldnt be who I am without you I love you HAPPY BIRTHDAY


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