Saturday, February 7, 2009

I got beef wit the chief of police...

and bike cops wit flat feet who scared to walk the streets


Anonymous said...

lemme find out you got jammed up at some cinco de mayo parade, piƱata festival, or stopped when all them bulldogs put a green light on you for being mr. supa lover pt. V

Anonymous said...

Naw, Border Patrol hemmed that dude up trying to smuggle a couple dozen roses to the donkey show chica. It's a cold cold world.

--Mo "You're gonna HAVE to comment sooner or later" Day

Anonymous said...

^^^hahaha. seriously we better stop it or else marbles gonna try and take himself off the count by OD'ing on some chicklets and them chile corn suckers aka Paco Pop
---hbs aka saturday night special aka "i just done nodded off for 15 minutes while typing this and woke up with my dick in my hand....but aleast it wasnt no funny bunny DGAF hand"

Anonymous said...

*shrugs shoulders*
What's DGAF?


Anonymous said...

hey!!!! thats my bike! son of a gun.

Anonymous said...

if there was no seat on that bike DGAF would be all over it.

Andrew said...

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