Saturday, February 7, 2009

And, WAR This

--Cool Hand Mo


Anonymous said...

some thoughts:
1-why is there a 73 year old man pulling the street fighter off the van
2-Why is Kid Frost there?...ooops thats Jon Hundos.
3-If you know every combo and code you are a nerd. You should have been trying to suck on a titty or finger bang or smoke a p-dog, or get chosen by a girl a few grades ahead of you and be the talk of the block because you are 12 and now the junior in high school you dumped in is prego.
4-HBS arcade rules and regs: $1 per play, $1 to watch people play. If you are a whigger or if you look like you are smuggling grapes through your skinny denim you still have to pay $1 but you have to immediatley leave and go back to boys town.

Anonymous said...

uh. arcade games....spoiled brats