Monday, September 29, 2008

I guess I must have

"fit the description".

(No, this isn't me in this picture but you get the point.)

I wasn't in the town but 1 hour and I'm already sittin' cuffed in the back of the patrol car while the two dickheads searched every inch of my car. At one point I saw the officer try and pull my back seat off to see if I had something stashed. Fuck em all. I hope they die a slow painful lonely death.

Fuck The Police:

We can lose a few of em, we got enough of em

My niggas on the corner, they be dodgin and duckin em

Bitches gettin' pulled over end up fuckin em

For Real!!! And see, now a days we got these fake cops

They thought he had a gun, Made a mistake cops

I hate cops, Turn on the TV whats this? Another cop busted for illegal business

They outta control they outta their mind

They pullin you over, they hoppin inside

Just...they know you got drugs they know you got guns

And they know they be mad when they can't find none, Stupid!!!!

Dont they know they invented the stash box?

The heat be in it, you need a key to get in it

Any affended people suck my balls All yall off the wall

Get stupid dawg, Don't hold back, Don't let go, Don't say Damn Just say..Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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SWITCH™ said...

wow, i was just writing a post about this. i got pulled over friday for switching lanes too fast what the fuck?!