Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again Part 2

The plantation, once owned by slave enthusiast Abraham most of the land surrounding it is owned by my back's a Rick, 'aint it?
I imagine my ancestor sitting on this bench, hot, tired, mind boiling with dreams, just hating white people.

The first black-owned Church of Christ established in Alabama by George Ricks.
"Aw, Momma, could this really be the end?"

--Cool Hand Mo


Anonymous said...

You say he was sitting on that bench just hating white people, no offense homeboy but thats racist, it should say sitting there hating slave owners. Im white but i did not do anything wrong, so why should they sit there hating me. Its just a bad generalization dude. But that is a very wonderful and inspirational story, thats cool you went back and got in touch with your roots.

Anonymous said...

Wow, funniest comment ever.

--M. Day

Anonymous said...

ok so I see i'm gonna have to break this one down for you. I'm willing to bet all that I own that during the time that my ancestors were slaves nearly all if not every white person that they encountered were either slave owners or supporters of slavery or just flat out racist, so to assume that slaves were hating white people is not an outlandish idea, it is not a racist statement. I'm sure they never imagined a day when slavery would end and they would be free. Yes, things are better nowadays and no not every white person is to blame, but during that time how could u blame anyone who was Black for hating whites. I mean...really.


Kenny Burrowes said...

I was born in Monrovia, Liberia, and I now live in Virginia. We have heard stories about this, its tight that ya'll own it!

Anonymous said...

Great website except for the hateful comments about white people. Obviously there were some good white slaves owner too such as Bro.ANDREW RICKS. Remember GOD doesn't always do things the way we think he should. Such is case of the Ricks. This just didn't happen during America slavery period.

Bro. Andrew had a spiritual change of heart and brought the gospel to BRO.GEORGE RICKS and his family.

Once Mr. Andrew heart changed his relationship to Bro. George change too. Bro. George family and other slaves were allowed to worship in the church building built by Bro. Andrew.

Sometime around 1865, BRO. GEORGE RICKS became the first black Church of CHRIST preacher and donated property to build a school and land for slave cemetery.

All these events that occured during slavery times did NOT happen by accident. THE HOLY SPIRIT was involved in this historial event. RELAX and THANK GOD FOR IT!

You should be thankful for Bro. Andrew & proud of Bro. George and leave all the hate with satan.