Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pimp Talk

"Fuck a bitch mayne, fuck a bitch get rich mayne, that's my motto, tell a punk bitch don't ever play me play lotto mayne, ya undastand me mayne, pop p's stack cheese and shake fleas crossin' all my t's dottin all my i's mayne gettin cheese it ain't no z's cuz it ain't no sleep on the job mayne, ya undastand me mayne, like the united postal service i'll send a bitch with a 37 cent stamp stuck upside her muthafuckin' head ya undastand me mayne, if a bitch gotta ride a bobcat bareback and get slapped in the head with a blackjack to get my scratch to get my cash she gon get that shit ya undastand me mayne,yea mayne, the hoe gon get it mayne, if it's rainin the bitch gon' stand between the rain drops to get mine mayne..the bitch won't even get wet mayne"

1 comment:

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