Friday, January 25, 2008


"the hooper Cooper" and "running back Ron"

venetian suite...

"But dog, you had the player 69 jersy in high school tho"--Runningback Ron
" what? used to rock lugz like they were timbs"--Marbles

Before you I wouldn't throw my old nickels at hoes, I'm just happy we can get close, for breakfast in the morning...we can fly out to Paris France for the french toast..
Cheers! Happy Bday babe...

Milk and Machettes

Peace and Curls

40/40 table situation craze...Swag is @ 100 and climbing...
Muhammed and Ming Lee 08'...

low key faded.. "Yea I play football, and I got broad shoulders" --Runningback Ron

line of the night.."i'm in the 40/40 wit the 40 on me"--Runningback Ron


After numerous attempts to get a flight from Vegas to Fresno...a 6 hour drive from vegas to La lapped up in a way to small vehicle...the whole left side of my body numb ...barely missing our flight from la to fresno and hearing that "the next available flight has been delayed from 10pm to midnight"...swag running at dangerously low levels...2hours of sleep in a 48 hr period...and Ming Lee declaring war on Muhammed...we made it.

--Joshua Marbles Loveless

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