Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boston Part 1

Extraction point: Burbank

When an airline is too lazy to update their 30 year old upholstery, it makes one slightly uneasy...I think the turbines were new though.

Click, check.
Allover print cushion, check.

The ever-useful Sky Mall.

Boston's Logan International Airport's taxi cab service runs on rails that travel to and from only local bars and pubs.


Friends of the family Patty and Kevin put us up on the North End of Boston...

...the building Garnett tried to buy

To my cousin Ryan's house in Somerville...Ragin' (see: Piling)

A sign of things to come.

Ryan and Shaun, whom were behind the inspiration for the film Boondock Saints.

To Haavad Squweah

Mitchell & Ness reversible Bulls team jacket, Scotty.

TH in MA.

The new Concepts store, opening next week.

Stogie brothers.

The best pizza, according to Shaun...I'm a believer.

The legendary Foxboro.


Jags at Pats

Game face on.

Game faces.

Post-game celebratory expressions.

Hi, haters.

Until next weekend.

Part Deux coming soon...

--Cool Hand Mo