Thursday, September 20, 2007


Moments of monetary loss force the modern man to make manic moves,
I manage mostly maintaining my glow in solid hues,
magic maker,
Merlin music,
pullin' mics from molded marble,
a mighty apostle,
herculean made man,
a mythical mobster,
while you were gettin' mocked by your locker,
a roster of genius doctors worked around the clock,
burned my heart tissue with a shock,
so fuck you and everything you represent on the low,
find me and Marbles on the coast of Sicily,

...Mobile mogul,
Master massive cathedrals,
malicious monstrous mack,
with masses of mash for cash advocates,
black romeo,
Marvelous martyr to mere mortals,
Marked man,
Youth fades,
Time is jealous,
So time passes as my mind develops,
You turn green with envy,
So I relish,
In the days of my life,
Though short,
I live it to the limit,
Hoping when I'm aged they'll be no need to embellish,
No need to be callous,
No need to be you,
Copping pleas,
Spinning that unfortunate wheel,
Buying vowels,
Ergo...It spells 'MO'.


R U SERIOUS said...

you should keep this poor attempt at whatever the fuck it is to yourself homie. You sound like someone who just read his first book and now wants to put words together.

Mo said...

That's fine if that's how you feel...just don't allow yourself to have any grand illusions that your opinion is going to hinder me in any way, in fact guys like you fuel this basically no matter what, you lose, its tough.

Anonymous said...

poor attempt...yet, you sure are the first to comment.
Sure had your time and attetntion...


JoshyMarbles said...

it's 2007, niggas still hate?