Thursday, September 13, 2007

me, WE

WE stay up late,
I fell for the bait,
Might love each other,
WE'll never say,
I'm too young,
Maybe should run,
Shit is so craze,
But it's too fun,
Future heart ache,
And I fancy myself a smart ace,
They throw darts late,
Only for their sake,
Of course they have somethin' to say,
But they don't even know WE,
Remain inebriated,
So some truth leaks,
Thoughts creep,
WE speak,
WE party,
WE sit back,
Some mind games to see where her hearts at,
She's so crazy,
I love that,
A little suspect,
In every right way,
Dig everything she ever might say,
WE play fight,
Can I stay the night?
WE laugh,
They don't want WE,
At least they act like it,
But WE couldn't care less,
And WE act like it,
So let's dance all night hands high,
One day it'll just be a memory,
But the best kind,
Look back and think of WE

WE party,
WE bullshit,
WE probly,
Shouldn't do this,
No her,
No he,
WE'll see.

--Morgan Day.

1 comment:

Alger said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no suspicion.
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