Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We fell in love,
too much,
maybe too fast,
tired of these feelings like they made me do laps,
got higher off appealing to u than I do now,
off the sticky that I quickly roll up and smoke down,
dreamin' of beamin' us up-up and away,
but what-what can I say?
So I stay schemin' and my thoughts I just stuff 'em away,
on the regular it's BBM or AIM,
so I can't hear the strain in your voice etcetera etcetera,
just carry on like it never happened,
that's happenin',
its my instant pleasure to forget to remember,
chipped and tainted more than painted floors,
when everybody's your friend and everybody's at war,
then nobody is for you,
just for self,
things you do just for wealth,
the aura of the fame and "love" that's felt,
I slingshots at attention whores just to pelt,
make bitches see dots like scan trons without their pants on,
before I get my fuck bitches rant on,
I love you mommy,
you love me for the man I am,
and its not luck semi trucks can't fuck with us,
left us a couple scars,
a little busted up,
its soo so what to us,
love is thus...not this,
not you,
you're not it,
my love knocks bricks like blocks of plastic,
its no surprise you're not here and cannot grasp it,
changed my mind,
its my love,
fuck you,
you can't have it.

--Mo Day, he's gon' make it.