Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Gangster Rapper Named Nas...

I feel bad even posting this, seeing how Bill O'Reilly is completely irrational, racist, and sheltered from black culture as a whole...but I couldn't resist. I'm still not sure why his ignorant ass even has a show.

This is what happens when you take an artist's lyrics out of context to pump fear in the hearts of unknowing (namely white) Americans. I'm sure if you highlight two songs out of any artist's 13-year long career--or quote any prominent media figure for that matter--you will come across some violent lyrics.
Case in point:

"We cannot intervene in the Muslim world ever again. What we can do is bomb the living daylights out of them." - Bill O'Reilly
(17 June 2004)

I'll let you be the judge.



Anonymous said...

Word! ~g

Joshton. said...
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Joshton. said...


check this out

Anonymous said...

your kind makes me laugh.

Duane said...

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