Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At this poin't i'm battle'n my own perception, tryin to beat what's expected of me



calicolyst said...

Well done, sir.

Anonymous said...

Trampoline out of view of the camera, smh, you were prob stuck on that rim scared to jump off for half an hour. fuckin hoe. I'll Mc Yammer pants that shit, no springs, slap glass like I'm downing shots of Yak....grab a dollar off the top of the backboard and leaqve change for your bitch ass to purchase some calf implants, hoe.

A Loveless Day said...

lol, ok. fuck u...trampoline huh? When ever your bitch ass wants to come and get killed on the hardwood just let me know, until then just sit back and continue to watch the celtics get beat by losing teams.


Anonymous said...

you need to stop fucking around on that Jordan Jammer and take note of the beast that Mo's ace Scalabrene is