Monday, October 13, 2008

Zeitgeist: Addendum

This is an interesting movie, watch it, make your own opinions.

--Cool Hand Mo


Anonymous said...

"I think, and therefore I am ... I think."

That is a fitting header for someone who would waste their space on the www spreading self-defeating propaganda like this.

If you want to talk "interesting," there's a lot more interesting, useful, and rewarding information in books currently collecting dust on the shelves of every library in the country.

Anonymous said...

Hence, "make your own opinions", it's a movie, a movie that I thought was interesting. Just like anything, there are some things I agree with, and there are some that I don't. For you to cast it aside as if it's completely fabricated propaganda is absurd, you and I both know there's some truth there.

This blog is a free forum for my family, friends and myself to share the good, bad and ugly with each other, with an open and thought provoking outlook.
And I've read these dusty books you refer to, started off with "A People's History Of The United States" by Howard Zinn, which is also very 'interesting'. But then again, I don't believe everything I read just because someone took the time to type it out and have it binded on paperback. The 'propaganda' you profess isn't restricted only to the form of film, if you believe everything you read, well, then I guess you're not much different from the rest of the population, sadly.

In the mean time, take your self-righteousness, along with your soapbox to some other online haven to chuckle with others like yourself about how people leave dusty books everywhere. Your life is self-defeating propaganda.

You're very well read, it's well known.
Mr. Jones.


Anonymous said...

And don't get me wrong, "A People's History" is a very thorough, well written book...but all are not.

Happy Columbus Day!


Toby said...

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