Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oh, And By The Way....


--Cool Hand Mo


tuesdai noelle said...

Um, Sorry to say it but um lol, even though I'm not a Lakers' FAN or even close to being a Celtics FAN EVER...the Lakers are going to MURDER the Celtics! These FINALS are going to be a "piece of cake" for the Lakers...seriously, let's just be REAL lol, it's OVER for the Celtics. Don't get me wrong "Celtics" can play...they GOT a "few" good MEN...but it's just a STATED fact; when the Lakers found out, they were going to be playing the Celtics, they were some where prop their feets, open a bag of Flamin HOT Cheetos and decided to chill THAT night...AND slept GOOD lol. *sigh* Unfortunately, this YEAR I will be going along with the Lakers, since the Pistons decided they didn't want to PLAY this season. It's a shame that they GO every single year, get to the PLAYOFFS and then just DROP the bomb...completely. Did you hear yet of the word that DuMars, has just fired Flip Murray? And has even considered firing ONE of the Pistons??!!!...but won't say WHO? Wow...this had to be like the obvious by NOW, I mean isn't it the coaches job to make the plays? ok then. Personally, I was hoping that this years season finals would have BEEN between; The Lakers VS The Pistons...JUST for another match-off RUGRAT beat down, especially seeing as to how back in 2004 they (The Lakers) were WHIPPED!!!, by The Pistons...indeed it was a SHOWDOWN, fo sho lol, in that season but the Pistons still triumphed! DETROIT BASKET-BALL!!!!
Well, it's actually really 2 late lol, to be claiming Detroit "Pistons" period now, once again they're OUT, after traveling BACK to the playoffs for the what? 3rd in 4 *Sigh* Guess we should just all repair our hearts and minds to see Jack lol again, you know he's going to be right in the CENTER front lol, wearing some tired outdated Laker's jacket or tee-shirt with those SAME dark shades. But hey he's "Jack" so ANYTHING goes and is cool with this GUY lol.
Sorry for the LONGGGGGG comment lol, but I am a BASKETBALL FAN :)

Anwar. said...

lakers suck... end of story

trade kode to chicago

revive a legacy

Anonymous said...

wow, I'm just now reading all those words you took the time to write...thats a lot for you to eat, those verbs, nouns, and adjectives must be tough to swallow, yes? Celts in 5 you weirdos.--MO