Saturday, March 22, 2008

"You'd call it a 3 hr time differance...Id say I time traveled to the future"

In Tampa Florida for Tampa Pro.
...qualifiers were today, J-Rog is in. Finals tomorrow, Lets get it Baby!

Get'n in


Last night after the insane Red Bull Dinner that consisted of about 40 people we rolled over to the Nike Gallery party that was going on in Ybor City...
-Neil Blender (mind you these are on line paper)
-Mark Gonzales "Their all canabauls"
-Mark Gonzales "Brake out the air to axle stall the end of your run-The Devil"
-Mark Gonzales " Me and Esmaralda had a nice quiet moment alone, I recorded it"
-Lance Moutain "Doughboy" & "Run the good race"
Old School Pic Jason Lee x Mark Gonzales (check the old school Jason Lee board at his feet & the shot gun in Mark's hands ha)

-S. Loveless

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