Wednesday, July 25, 2007

so this one time...lmao

I thought it would be fun to to push 8 year old sis on my skateboard, so I did for about 5 min til that got boring. Then, I decided it would be even funner to grab some of my dads rope from the toolbox and tie the skateboard to the back of my bike, so I did. We rode up and down Mckenzie ave, back and fourth back and fourth until that got played out ( never allowed to go past Mr Night's house on the corner). After almost 30 min of doing this I decided to ride full speed down the block and jump of the curb....wrong move. So I land perfectly fine, but here comes Steffy flying past me landing about 10 feet in front of me in the middle of the street all bloody and bruised from the impact, then Pops whooped me. Then there was this other time I convinced Steffy that the white liquid that was inside of the branches of the tree that we had been climbing all day was milk, yes, she drank it....then Pops whooped me. And who could forget the time that she ate an entire bottle of flinstones chewables because I told her they were candy, and Pops whooped me, and Steffy had to get her stomach pumped. I miss the good ol days....Love you Stef. Happy born day

And oh yea one more thing, I found what I'm getting her for her B-Day present, just need to know what color you all think she would prefer. Get back to me on that.

--Big Bro Bro Marbles

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Erlinda Denise said...

LMAO! I thought I was a bad big sis...wait I was...LOL...our poor lil's