Monday, June 18, 2007

A Loveless Weekend

Fast Times at Hundreds High

Slingshot Saints

"Nee Nee Bell" A.K.A. "Neek-A-Neek" B.K.A. "Bread"

This dudes skipping...true story.

So Steph and Linds wanted Marbles and me to be, like, gay and get manicures...but we didn't, haha..nope. We DID use digital imaging and photoshop to make it appear as though we gave in, check how real it looks!

Marbles and I we're actually in another time zone when this picture was being taken.

These graphics look ok...but I'm much better looking than this. I'll have the guys over at Pixar tighten up or whatever.

Mean & Vicious (Mark) came down from Sac to run the streets with us.

Bobby DGAF

Sal & Mr. Hundreds

Vlad (Hall Of Fame), Diz & Tone Capone (Diamond Supply Co.), Rich & Moonshine (4MembersOnly), Sal (SLB)

'D' Double 'E' to the 'P' Convo

Tone...Northern Cali stand up!


--Cool Hand Mo


h.e.r. said...

"check how real it looks!"

SWITCH said...

tony skates?!